How do you learn best?

How do you learn best?

Yesterday at work I took a personality test online just to see what it would show, and I must admit it was pretty accurate. One of the main things I learned was that I have chosen one of my top Employment Types (IT Specialist) which is why I love my job. I found it very interesting that my other top jobs listed Artist and Web Design, which explains why my hobbies fit so well and make me happy also (even if I get a little frustrated with myself) lol

The most interesting part I found though was the learning section. The report showed what it thought was my best way (or ways) for me to learn new things based on my individual personality. The three ways it chose for me to learn were fairly evenly spaced, though visual definitely came out the highest. When I thought about the results and compared it to what I have been doing for the past 12 months, I found it is correct. I personally learn more and enjoy learning more by watching… Youtube videos, craftsy videos, kit and clowder,,, and many others have been the best source of inspiration and learning for me, they are the ones that keep me coming back again and again. The downside to this is that I spend way more time watching than doing! Lol

Learning Style 1

I have purchased many books and individual tutorials also, which is also a visual way of learning, but they don’t tend to hold my attention as much as the video/live lessons and I don’t get as much out of them because I cannot physically see what the teacher is doing. I can start one because I absolutely love the image, but when it comes to finishing? I think I lose interest. With this in mind, I have decided to try completing some video tutorials over the next few months to see if that makes a difference. I may well find that my issue with finishing has more to do with “fear of failure” than the style of learning, but we will see 🙂

In what ways do you learn best? Do you know? Have you really thought about it and focussed your learning in that area? Is the way you are trying to learn holding you back? If you are not sure, you could take the personality test also and see what it says for you. It does have a price tag but I thought $39 was worth it to see what they thought 🙂

Learning Method 3
Learning Method 2