Coloured Pencil groups and the wonderful people that belong to them and probably the best way to get to know what Coloured Pencil art is all about. You can watch the gorgeous creations being posted and read all of the conversations and opinions on the different coloured pencil topics being discussed. When you feel the time is right for you, you can start asking questions and you will receive many wonderful, helpful responses to your questions. Once you have created your first coloured pencil piece, its then time to take a deep breath and post it in the groups for feedback. Don’t be afraid to take this step because these people are so helpful and happy and willing to view your piece and provide general comment or feedback if you request it. they are never nasty and can be extremely helpful to beginners like us. I hope you enjoy being a part of these groups as much as I do….

Please feel free to suggest other groups below in the comments. I would love to hear what you all think of them also.